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Decorating A Pass-Through Window? Here Are 5 Tips For Success

Ever glanced at that pass-through window in your home and thought, “There’s so much potential here!”? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

This unassuming architectural feature, sometimes overlooked, holds a treasure trove of design and functional possibilities. 

Decorating a pass-through window? Here are 5 tips for success, making your window not just a pane, but a marvel to behold!

#1 The Outdoor View: Your Personal Vista

Whether you’re gazing at the twinkling lights of a cityscape or the tranquil ripples on a lake, your window offers a live painting that’s ever-changing. 

And guess what? 

This backdrop is yours, entirely free of charge.

Frame the Natural Beauty

Consider your window as an artist’s easel and the scene outside as a masterpiece. The right curtains or blinds won’t just serve the primary purpose of giving you privacy or shielding you from sunlight; they can be the border of this painting. 


Now, you wouldn’t put a masterpiece in any frame, would you? 

Choose shades or curtains that enhance the view. Light fabrics like sheer or linen let in diffused light, adding a dreamy quality to, say, a garden view. Darker blinds can highlight a cityscape, making the lights pop.

Play with Perspectives

Adapting your interior to reflect the exterior view adds layers to the design. For urban settings, think of chrome finishes, geometric patterns, and sleek furniture. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a beach view, bring in the tropical vibes. Think sandy hues, seashell decors, and maybe a hammock chair? Forest views scream for warm woods, earthy colors, and plush fabrics. Remember, consistency is a designer’s secret weapon!

#2 The functionality: More Than Just A Window

Is it a window? A bar? Why not both? The functionality of your pass-through window can be as dynamic as you make it.

Bar-top Extravaganza

One minute it’s where you’re passing the salt, the next, it’s where you’re mixing margaritas! Installing a slide-out or fold-down counter can instantly change the functionality. Imagine hosting a summer party and having this breezy spot be the hub for all cocktails. Stock it up with some bar essentials, throw in some stylish bar stools, and you’re good to go!

Shelving Wonders

Vertical spaces are often underutilized. Add some floating shelves or even small cabinets. This space can be a show-off spot for your collectibles, or maybe a little herb garden for those who like their meals with a pinch of fresh rosemary or basil.

#3 The lighting: Set the Mood

The magic of lighting is unparalleled. It can take a space from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in a flick!

Ever noticed how different lighting can change the vibe of a room? Well, your pass-through window area isn’t any different.


Natural Light’s BFF

Sunlight has a charm that no artificial light can replicate. It’s refreshing, warm, and yes, a boon for those Instagram photos. Depending on the direction your window faces, you might get soft morning light or golden sunset hues. Work with it, not against it. Reflective surfaces or mirrors can amplify this natural light.

Evening Glow

When night falls, the party isn’t over. Fairy lights draped elegantly can give a whimsical touch. Or, a chic pendant light can be a statement piece. For those romantic nights, why not some candle sconces?

4.The Window Sill: It’s All in the Details

Don’t let your window sill feel left out! When that window is open, the sill becomes an essential part of the experience. Surprisingly, That little ledge can be the unsung hero of your window ensemble.

Decor Galore

Plants are a no-brainer. Succulents, for those without green thumbs, or even aromatic herbs, are perfect. But, why stop there? A beautifully crafted bowl, a vintage typewriter, or even some artsy sculptures could call this spot home.

Functional and Fabulous

Perhaps you’re using your window for serving brunch or evening snacks. A rubber mat can prevent slips, and a chic serving tray can make transportation a breeze. Who said practical couldn’t be stylish?

5. The Indoor Experience: Making the Inside Shine

Last but certainly not least, the indoor experience! This is where all the elements come together.

Harmony is Key

The area around your pass-through window shouldn’t feel disjointed from the rest of your space. It should be an extension. Vintage, modern, bohemian, or minimalist – whatever your vibe, keep it flowing. Consistency will tie everything together, making it feel curated rather than chaotic.

Comfort Corner

This might be where you spend a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book or perhaps gazing outside on a rainy day. Ensure this spot beckons you. A plush armchair, some soft cushions, or even a furry rug can make all the difference.

With these tips in hand, your pass-through window won’t just be a functional architectural element; it’ll be a highlight of your home! 

The Benefits of Decorating Your Pass-Through Window

When you decide to decorate your pass-through window, you’re not just enhancing an architectural feature; you’re unlocking a range of benefits that transform your living space in more ways than one. Let’s delve into the numerous advantages of sprucing up these unique windows:

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

The obvious first! A well-decorated window becomes an instant focal point in any room. Whether you lean towards minimalistic designs or opulent setups, the right decor can turn your window into a visually appealing masterpiece, drawing compliments from every visitor.

2. Functional Finesse

Beyond aesthetics, a thoughtfully designed pass-through window can serve myriad purposes. From doubling as a bar counter during those dinner parties to acting as a serene reading nook for those quiet evenings, its functionality amplifies manifold with the right decor.

3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

A decorated pass-through window acts as a bridge between your interiors and the world outside. Especially for homes with captivating external views, this window can frame the outside like a live canvas, creating an ever-evolving mural for you.

4. Boosted Property Value

Believe it or not, a well-decorated window can up your property’s value. Future potential buyers often look for unique features that stand out and make the property memorable. A beautifully decorated pass-through window does exactly that!

5. Psychological Perks

An oft-overlooked benefit, but a critical one nonetheless. A space that reflects beauty, functionality, and personal aesthetics can uplift your mood. Sunlit areas, in particular, are known to combat blues and promote feelings of well-being.

6. Optimized Space Utilization

Many homes often have spaces that remain underutilized. A pass-through window, when decorated aptly, can reclaim that space. Be it as an additional storage area with chic shelving or as a cozy corner with plush seating; you can make every inch count.

7. Energy Efficiency

Yes, the way you decorate can influence this! Using light-reflecting decor or strategically placing mirrors can amplify natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Moreover, certain window treatments can aid in maintaining indoor temperature, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Embracing these benefits not only enriches your daily living experience but also transforms your home into a more functional, beautiful, and harmonious space. The ripple effects of such a simple makeover can surprise you, transcending beyond just visual appeal.

Time to get decorating!

So, ready to start decorating that pass-through window? 

These 5 tips for success will transform this overlooked space into your home’s star attraction. 

Roll up those sleeves and let the decorating games begin!

P.S: If these benefits have you nodding in agreement and you’re thinking of an upgrade, then you’re in the right place. 

If you are interested in getting a quote on a new pass-through window, reach out to the OpenUp Windows team today! Our expertise can guide you to a window solution that brings all these benefits and more into your home. Or, if you wnat to revamp your space with a new pass through window, head to our store.


Q: Can I decorate a pass-through window if it’s small?

Absolutely! It’s not about the size but how you use it. Even a small window can be a focal point with the right décor.

Q: Do I need to hire a professional for this?

While getting a pro is never a bad idea, these tips should give you a head start. Trust yourself; you might surprise yourself with how much of an interior designer you’ve got hiding inside!

Q: What if I don’t have an exciting view?

Not all of us can have a lakeside or poolside view, and that’s okay! Focus more on the indoor experience and functionality. Plus, there’s always wall art or decals to create a view you love. 

Q: Can I change up the decor according to seasons?

Absolutely! Just as you might switch up cushions or table settings based on the season, your pass-through window can get a seasonal facelift too. Think warm and cozy vibes in the winter with plush fabrics, and breezy, light decor in the summer. Celebrate autumn with fall foliage and spring with fresh blooms.

Q: How do I incorporate tech into my pass-through window area?

Modern homes often blend tech seamlessly into decor. Consider installing smart lighting that you can control with your phone or voice. How about a sleek, wall-mounted tablet for recipes, music, or controlling other smart home features? Just ensure any tech you choose is suitable for the space, especially if it might be exposed to the elements.

Q: How do I ensure the decorations are weatherproof?

Great question! For windows that open to the outdoors, you’ll want to invest in weather-resistant materials, especially for any fabrics or furnishings. Look for water-resistant, UV-protected, and easy-to-clean materials. If in doubt, indoor plants, ceramics, and glass are usually safe bets!


The 6 Best Places to Install Gas Strut, Pass Through, or Awning Servery Windows

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space – be it your home, office, or cabin – you’re in the right place.

Gas Strut, Pass Through, and Awning Servery Windows are popular choices for both residential and commercial settings. 

These windows, characterized by their ease of operation and ability to transform spaces, offer a blend of practicality and style. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, restaurateur, or stadium manager, this guide has something for you. We’ll explore the best spots for these window installations, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits.

Here’s a closer look at how and where they can be seamlessly integrated into your home, office, or workspace. 

Where Gas Strut, Pass Through, or Awning Servery Windows can be Installed:

  1. Residential Kitchen
  2. Commercial Kitchen
  3. Restaurant 
  4. Garage
  5. Cabin 
  6. Stadium (box seating)

#1 Residential Kitchen

The kitchen, often dubbed the heart of the home, is more than just a place for meal prep—it’s a space where memories brew alongside your morning coffee. A Gas strut or Pass-through window installation here can redefine the way you interact with this beloved space. Particularly, a Pass-through window acts as a conduit between indoor and outdoor spaces, making it a prized possession for those who enjoy hosting.

Installation Tips:

  • Consult a Professional: A seasoned window installer can provide tailored recommendations regarding the right type and size of window for your kitchen.
  • Placement: Place the window at an accessible height to ensure ease of use, while maintaining a clear visual connection to the outdoors.
  • Material Selection: Opt for materials that not only accentuate your kitchen’s aesthetics but are also durable and easy to maintain.

#2 Commercial Kitchen

The pulse of a commercial kitchen beats to the rhythm of efficiency and accessibility. Here, a Gas Strut window morphs into a reliable service hatch, allowing for a seamless transfer of culinary creations from the kitchen to the waiting staff. On the flip side, an Awning servery window invites fresh air, keeping the ambiance crisp and comfortable.

Installation Tips:

  • Professional Assessment: Have a window expert assess the space to ascertain the optimal window size and location.
  • Easy-Access Design: Design the window such that it facilitates quick and easy access for the staff.

Ventilation: Strategically install Awning windows to foster better ventilation throughout the kitchen.

#3 Restaurant

A restaurant’s charm lies in its ambiance and the satisfaction it delivers to patrons. Incorporating Pass-Through windows or Awning servery windows can significantly notch up the dining experience. They unveil a live canvas of the kitchen, letting patrons appreciate the culinary finesse, thereby creating a realm of transparency and engagement.

Installation Tips:

  • Design Harmony: Ensure the window design melds well with the restaurant’s overall decor and ambiance.
  • Functional Planning: The window installation should aim to boost operational efficiency without skimping on aesthetic appeal.
  • Maintenance: Select materials that are a breeze to clean and maintain, ensuring a spotless appearance over time.

4. Garage

Whether your garage is a sanctuary for your vehicle, the ultimate man cave, or a workshop where your project car collects dust, a pass-through or gas strut window can be a game-changer. 

It not only invites ventilation but also ensures easy access to tools or refreshments while immersed in a project. It’s about changing a typically closed, cluttered space into an arena where functionality merges with looks.

Installation Tips:

  • Space Assessment: Evaluate the space to determine the most beneficial location for the window.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensure the installation complies with local building codes and safety standards.
  • Ease of Access: Design the window for easy access to and from the garage, enhancing functionality.

5. Cabin

Amidst the serenity of nature, a cabin craves windows that extend a warm invitation to the outdoors. Gas Strut windows or Awning windows are your go-to in this setting. They offer unbarred views and easy access to the outside, all while retaining the snug, intimate vibe of the cabin.

Installation Tips:

  • Natural Integration: Opt for window designs that resonate with the rustic charm of the cabin architecture.
  • Professional Installation: Enlist a professional for a secure and precise installation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Eye energy-efficient window options to sustain a cozy cabin ambiance all year round.

6. Stadium (Box Seating)

The allure of box seating in a stadium is its blend of luxury with the raw excitement of live games. Installing Gas Strut windows or Pass-Through windows here can elevate the spectator experience to a whole new level, offering an unobstructed view of the game in a controlled environment.

Installation Tips:

  • View Optimization: Install the windows in a manner that amplifies the view while mitigating glare.
  • High-Quality Materials: Invest in durable, high-quality materials that stand the test of time and weather.
  • Professional Consultation: Seek professional consultation to ensure the windows align with the stadium’s safety and operational standards.

Benefits and Drawbacks Of These Windows

Investing in windows that align with both the aesthetic and functional needs of your space is crucial. 

Gas strut, Pass through windows, or Awning servery windows offer distinct advantages but also come with certain considerations. 

Let’s delve into the benefits and drawbacks of installing these innovative window types to aid you in making well-informed decisions.


1. Enhanced Ventilation

These window types are designed to provide superior ventilation. This is especially beneficial in kitchens and commercial settings where keeping a fresh atmosphere is essential.

2. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Pass-through windows and Gas strut windows act as a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them ideal for homeowners who love entertaining or restaurants aiming to provide an open-air dining experience.

3. Modern Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek design of these windows adds a modern touch to any space, be it a residential kitchen, commercial setup, or a cozy cabin.

4. Increased Property Value

Upgrading to these modern window types can boost your property’s value. They not only enhance the look but also the functionality of your space, which is a big plus for potential buyers.

5. Natural Light Access

With their wide opening, these window types allow an abundance of natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance.


1. Cost

The initial investment for these specialized window types can be higher compared to traditional windows. This includes the cost of the window itself and professional installation.

2. Maintenance

Depending on the material selected, maintenance could be more demanding to ensure the windows operate smoothly and retain their aesthetic appeal over time.

3. Space Requirements

These windows require adequate space to operate effectively, especially Gas strut windows and pass-through windows. Ensure your space can accommodate these window types before deciding on installation.

4. Customization Limitations

While there are customization options, the extent to which you can tailor these windows might be limited compared to traditional window styles.

5. Permit and Regulation Compliance

Navigating permits and regulations for window installations can be challenging. It’s crucial to be well-informed about the local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance.

Professional Consultation and Installation

When it comes to the installation of Gas strut, Pass through, or Awning servery windows, professional consultation and installation are key to ensuring the longevity and functionality of your windows. Here’s what you need to know:

Expert Assessment

A seasoned professional can provide an accurate assessment of your space, advising on the most suitable type of window based on your needs and the structural integrity of your property.

Customized Solutions

Professionals can offer customized solutions, ensuring that the window design, size, and placement are in harmony with the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Installation Precision

A precise installation is critical to the performance and durability of your windows. Professionals have the requisite skills and tools to ensure a secure and accurate installation.

Compliance Assurance

Professionals are well-versed with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your window installation is compliant, thus averting potential legal issues down the line.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Reputable window installation companies provide warranties and after-sales service, offering you peace of mind knowing that you have a point of contact should any issues arise post-installation.

Maintenance Guidance

Post installation, professionals can provide maintenance tips and guidelines to ensure your windows remain in prime condition, operating smoothly over time.

Engaging with professional window installers not only guarantees a hassle-free installation but also ensures that you are making a well-informed decision that enhances the beauty and functionality of your space.

Window Selection Guidance: How to Choose What’s Right For You

Choosing a Gas strut window, Pass-through window, or Awning servery window entails more than just a choice of style. 

It’s a decision intertwined with your lifestyle, the architectural essence of your space, and the functional finesse you aim to achieve. 

Here are some guiding factors to consider as you contemplate this crucial selection:

a. Understand Your Needs

Are you seeking a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, enhanced ventilation, or a modern aesthetic touch?

Evaluate your daily interactions with the space in question. A restaurant owner might prioritize an open view into the kitchen, while a homeowner might cherish the ease of passing dishes to the outdoor dining area.

b. Architectural Harmony

Select a window style that resonates with the architectural demeanor of your space.

Consider the existing design elements and how your new window can either complement or rejuvenate these features.

c. Material Durability

The choice of material can significantly impact the longevity and maintenance ease of your window.

Opt for materials that can withstand the test of time and environmental conditions of your locale.

d. Operational Efficiency

Assess the ease of operation and the level of maintenance required to keep your window functioning smoothly.

Ensure the chosen window type aligns with the operational flow of your space, be it a commercial kitchen or a residential garage.

e. Professional Consultation

Engage with professionals who can provide insightful recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

Explore customization options to fine-tune your selection, ensuring it meets your aesthetic and functional desires.

f. Budget Considerations

Establish a realistic budget that encompasses not only the cost of the window but also the installation and potential maintenance.

g. Regulatory Compliance

Be informed about the local building codes and permits required for your window installation.

Ensure your window choice and installation plan are compliant to avoid any legal hiccups down the line.

Your window selection is a pivotal step in your renovation voyage. Making a well-informed choice, aligned with professional guidance, can set a strong foundation for a satisfying and value-enhancing renovation outcome.

Ready to Install Your New Window?

Whether it’s creating a charming ambiance in a bustling commercial kitchen, crafting a seamless passage between the indoor and outdoor realms of a cozy home, or enhancing the spectator experience in a stadium, the right window choice can make a world of difference.

As you contemplate embarking on this window installation venture, remember that professional consultation and precise installation are your companions to ensuring a successful and satisfying outcome. 

It’s not just about adding a window; it’s about opening up new horizons of comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in your space.

If you are interested in getting a quote on a new pass-through window, gas strut window, or awning servery window, get in touch with the OpenUp Windows team today!


5 Pass Through Window Ideas To Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Looking for modern kitchen renovation ideas? Forget for a second the usual suspects like cabinetry, hardware, appliances, or (yawn) boring backsplashes. While they’re tried-and-true areas to remodel, there are more creative ways to bring your kitchen to life. 

In fact, what if we told you the best place to start could be your windows? That’s right! 

Whether you’re thinking about…

  • Opening up your space,
  • Adding more entertainment options, or
  • Simply looking for something new, bold, and unique…

Pass-through windows, like the ones built by OpenUp Windows, could be your secret weapon to creating a kitchen the whole neighborhood is jealous of. 

No matter the end goal, this blog will provide five pass-through window ideas with examples from real people. We hope they inspire you to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor living with windows that truly “open up” your space. 

#1 The Classic “Inside-Out” Servery Experience

Take, for example, this luxury vacation home in the Bahamas. You can see that this family has connected their already-open kitchen concept to their outdoor patio using a gas strut, pass through window. The addition brings another dimension to an already-stunning entertainment space.

Here’s why we like it:

Entertainment value. As we mentioned, this kitchen already has the makings of great space for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. You have foosball, a pool table, and enough room to host a large party. With the addition of their open up window, this family can now bring everyone to the party, whether they are inside playing pool or outside on the patio grilling, eating, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

#2 Breathtaking Coastal Views

Let’s take a look at an example that prioritizes form over functionality. Here we have another luxury home, but this time it’s oceanside on the coast of New York. 

Rather than bridging the gap between the indoors and outside for more bar seating or serving space, this homeowner clearly wanted to maximize his awe-inspiring views of the coast. We think it was a great move. 

Here’s why we like it:

There’s value in the view. When you have something this beautiful to look at, and aesthetics are your primary goal, a kitchen pass-through window can bring your vision to life. What this pass-through window idea lacks in functionality, it makes up for several times over in terms of uniqueness and increased property value. 

#3 The Cabin In the Woods

Imagine waking up on a brisk morning to the sound of birds chirping and nature calling. This could be your log cabin with a pass-through window installed in its kitchen. 

Situated on private acreage in a remote part of the woods, this cabin has the perfect outdoor deck space for a pass through window experience. Think about the meals, campfires, and laughs that can be shared whether your indoors or outside. 

Here’s why we like it:

Answering the call of the wild. It takes a serious nature-lover to want a home out in the forest with few of society’s pleasantries surrounding you. We appreciate this customer’s dedication to the outdoors by opening up their kitchen with a pass through window. 

#4 Desert Landscape

Coastal views and nature scenes seem to get all of the love these days… but what about the beauty of the desert? Take this New Mexico ranch-style home for example. While it’s not surrounded by water or trees, the sandy, mountainous terrain in the distance is something to marvel at.

Here’s why we like it:

A new dimension to a simple desert home. Your home doesn’t have to come with all of the bells and whistles to create a great experience for yourself, family, and guests. While this home is seemingly simple in nature, the addition of the pass-through window adds a new and inviting feature that brings new personality to the house.

#5 Poolside Pass Through Window

This may be our favorite use of the OpenUp gas strut pass through window. Our customer in Florida wanted to maximize his entertainment space by opening up his kitchen to his pool… and we think it came out great.

Having a pool near your kitchen can make the perfect location for your new pass through window. With the addition of a bar that opens up to the outside, you can serve guests who may be wet from the pool, or simply get a better vantage point of your kids while they swim for safety.

Here’s why we like it:

The perfect place for a pass through window. There are few things that make an outdoor experience as grand as an in-ground pool. With this location in particular, you have enough space around the pool to entertain quite a large party. Now that there’s a pass through window in the mix, the opportunities are quite endless. 

In Conclusion: Kitchen Renovations Can Start With Your Windows

From the five pass through window examples shared in this blog, we hope you’ve been able to see how pass through windows are versatile and unique option for upgrading or modernizing your space during a kitchen remodel. 

If you or someone you know could be interested in their very own pass through window project, make sure to reach out to the OpenUp Windows team to get the best-quality product and top-rated customer support.


How Do Gas Struts Work

Gas struts are an essential component of many pieces of equipment, machinery, and furniture, yet most people tend to overlook them. These small gas-filled cylinders are a type of mechanism that helps lift and support an object’s weight, with varying degrees of force and pressure. They have many applications in the construction industry, automotive industry, and even in our home interiors. But what are gas struts, exactly, and how do they work? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these useful mechanisms and explore how they function.

What are the components?

Gas struts consist mainly of three basic parts: a piston, a cylinder, and a pressurized gas charge. When you apply force to the piston, the gas inside the cylinder pushes back against it, causing the piston to extend outward from the cylinder. This extension strengthens the gas strut, able to provide support through force. The greater the pressure within the cylinder, the more force the gas strut generates and applies, lifting and holding the weight.

What is the gas?

The gas used in struts is usually nitrogen, which has a very low reactiveness and can be safely pressurised. The pressure within the cylinder needs to be carefully balanced with the weight of the object being lifted, in order to ensure that the force applied is equal on both sides. Too much or too little pressure could cause an imbalance and may result in serious injury

The type of gas charge used also affects the strength and performance of gas struts. One of the most commonly used gases is nitrogen. Nitrogen gas is preferred for many applications because it is clean and inexpensive, which means lower operating costs and maintenance. Additionally, nitrogen is non-flammable and non-toxic, making it safer to use in a wide range of scenarios.

Are there different kinds of gas struts?

You can find a wide variety of gas strut designs, some of which have different mechanisms and features. For instance, the two main types of gas struts are standard gas struts and locking gas struts. Standard gas struts provide a single directional force, usually a lifting force, whereas locking gas struts provide a two-way directional force. This means that aside from lifting objects, they can also hold them at an angle, preventing them from slumping back down.

What size of gas strut do I need?

Gas struts also come in varying lengths and strengths. Naturally, longer gas struts provide more lift, but the strength of the lift also depends on the construction material of the strut’s cylinder. Additionally, designers can customize the strength of the gas strut by using a different amount of gas charge, meaning that you can adjust gas struts to fit the precise needs of a particular application.

Who uses gas struts?

Gas struts have several applications in the construction industry due to their strength, reliability, and ease of use. These applications include:

Lifting and holding heavy equipment

Supporting doors and windows

Lifting storage compartments

Opening and closing hatches

Supporting medical equipment

Lifting machinery and vehicles


In conclusion, gas struts are an important and versatile tool used in many industries. They are a reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution for many applications, from lifting and holding heavy equipment, to supporting doors, hatches, and even medical equipment. We hope this brief overview has helped you better understand what gas struts are and how they function. If you are considering using gas struts in your next construction project, be sure to keep these factors in mind.

OpenUp® windows use non-locking, nitrogen-filled gas struts that are designed to be of only one length that has been engineered specifically to open the window up to the. 90˚ position.  The strength of the gas strut has also been calculated based on the weight of the sash which increases as the area of the glass increases.  Unlike other manufacturers of gas strut pass-through windows, OpenUp® covers even the gas strut with their 10-year warranty.


Do You Call Them Gas Strut Windows or

You have probably seen one of these windows, but there is no one generic name for it.  In the most technical form, it is a variety of awning window in that it is hinged at the top and the bottom pushes out.

Where are they used?

They are most often found in kitchens where they are mounted onto countertops that extend from the kitchen counter projecting outward into the outside entertaining space.  The extended countertop usually projects beyond the wall to form a serving or bar space on the outside.  Most people place stools on the outside so that guests and family members can be served food and drinks directly from the kitchen.

How do they work?

When the window is closed it provides a fully insulated view of the patio or deck and can be easily opened by unlocking the sash or operable part of the window.  Once released, a slight push to the outside allows the gas struts that are mounted on the sides of the frame to push the window gently to its full opening height at about 90 degrees.  The area it vacates creates a servery space that has some overhead protection from the elements.  

Double your kitchen dining area!

It is as though the kitchen and outdoor space are one big area.  Food and drinks can be served without having to open and close a door and walk between the kitchen and the party area.  If this marvelous invention is also equipped with a retractable insect screen, the kitchen does not need to be continuously exposed to pests like insects from the outside.  Without this special window, the door needs to be left open or at least opened and closed lots and lots of times.

Now to the big question. We know what it is, but what do we call it?

Some people call them pass-through windows. The only problem with this description is that it can also be used to describe the window at the McDonald’s drive-through.  The function at these locations is usually a double casement window or a sliding window that can be opened and closed by the server.

Some people call them gas strut windows because they are held up using gas struts.  The gas struts are filled with nitrogen that is compressed to provide a specific amount of force that is variable based on the size of the window that is being supported.  The gas struts commonly come in forces between 50 pounds and 250 pounds.  The larger the window, the more force is needed.  Gas struts windows could also describe the hatchback on your SUV.  This is the use case for gas struts that everyone has been exposed to.

Still, others call the bar windows or kitchen bar windows or some other variant using bar since the countertop that is available when the window is open creates a bar for serving.

What do companies that sell them call them?

  • Activwall calls them “Gas Strut Windows” and makes them up to 8 feet wide by 5 feet tall
  • FoldUp calls them “A window like no other”.  Their window is more like a vertical bifolding window that looks like a double hung window when closed.
  • Flip Out calls them “Gas Strut Windows” and goes on to describe them as “Quality Affordable Windows Made to Fit Your Lifestyle”
  • Optvue covers all the bases by using the headline,”Gas Strut Windows | Pass Through Windows | Motorized Awning Windows”.
  • Pella calls them “Pass Through Windows”
  • Andersen calls them “Pass-Through Windows”
  • Eco Windows which looks like the represent AcitvWall calls them “Gas Strut Awning windows”.
  • G.James calls them “Gas Strut Windows”
  • Gas Strut Windows calls them (I bet you can’t guess this one) “Gas Strut Windows”.
  • Jason Windows in Australia calls them “ Awning Gas Strut Windows”.
  • Wideline in Australia calls them “Strut Windows”.
  • Awake Window & Door Co. calls them “Gas Strut Awning”.
  • Alspec in Australia calls them “Gas Strut Servery Window”.
  • Wanneroo in Australia calls them “Servery Gas Strut Window”.
  • . . . And the list goes on and on

What does OpenUp® call them?

At OpenUp® Windows we have used all of the name variants above at one time or another.  The long form of what we call them is “Gas Strut Awning Pass-Through Kitchen Windows”.  The addition of the word kitchen might be considered excessive, but in residential applications this is almost always where they are found.  When they are used in commercial applications like restaurants, they are usually found in the dining room or bar area to increase the serving area.  Yes, they are also just simply bar windows.

Given that there is a wide variety of names that people who are NOT in the industry call them, we are hoping that the most common name for these marvelous windows become simply “OpenUp® Windows”.


Wood vs. Metal: Which is Best for Window Frames?

When it comes to window frames, the traditional choice of material is wood. However, metal has become increasingly popular in recent years, with some advantages over wood in certain scenarios. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both materials when used for window frames. We will consider factors such as cost, durability, insulation, security, and aesthetics to make a comprehensive comparison.

What Are The Most Common Wood Species Available?

Pine is the most common wood used to make window frames. It is the least expensive, but as a soft wood, it is vulnerable to rotting and needs careful painting to make it long lasting.

Hardwoods like teak and mahogany are used to make wood framed window stronger and longer lasting. However, this comes at a significant cost increase.

Another way to protect the exterior of even inexpensive soft wood window frames long lasting is to clad them with a thin aluminum extrusion. These clad windows are usually more expensive than unclad, but worth the additional cost.

There is one special wood called Accoya® which has incredible durability without the need for cladding. Accoya® is a softwood that is treated with a vinegar solution in a process called acetylation, that makes it virtually rot-proof carrying a 40 year guarantee.

How About Thermal Insulation Against Extreme Hot and Cold?

When it comes to insulation, wood window frames typically provide better thermal insulation than metal. This is because metal has a higher thermal conductivity, meaning it transfers and releases heat faster than wood. Metal windows insulation value can be increased by adding thermal breaks. These thermal breaks are generally plastic components that separate the outside metal from the inside metal. The plastic being a better insulator, lowers the conductivity of the metal frame, making is more energy efficient.

OK, Security is Also an Issue, Which is Better, Wood or Metal?

When it comes to security, metal window frames are generally the better choice. Because they are stronger and more durable than wood, metal window frames are more resistant to forced entry or damage from storms or other environmental factors.

Which Material Looks Better?

Finally, when it comes to aesthetics, both materials can offer a range of attractive design options. Wood window frames are often chosen for their classic, natural look, while metal window frames offer a clean modern, industrial feel. Ultimately, the aesthetic choice of material will depend on the overall design of the home and personal preference.

So, Which Do I Choose?

When it comes to window frames, both wood and metal have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of material should be based on the individual needs of the homeowner, taking into account factors such as cost, durability, insulation, security, and aesthetics. Both materials offer attractive design options and can be expected to last for many years when properly maintained.

At OpenUp®, we use 2Fold® technology that uses wood and metal to create a hybrid frame system. Tubular extruded aluminum on the outside for strength and durability and Accoya® wood on the inside for a neater appearance while providing superior insulation. The best of both worlds.


What Does the Modern Eat-in Kitchen Look Like?

Today’s eat-in kitchen is the focal point for family gatherings. It might be part of a Great Room or stand alone. With the latest trends, it can be a true chef’s kitchen or simply stylish and functional. We’ll look at some popular elements that make up a modern eat-in kitchen.

Cabinetry in an eat-in kitchen can range from traditional wood to modern stainless steel. Whatever style chosen, it should complement the overall look of the room. Countertops also come in many materials, with quartz and marble being popular choices for their durability and chic design. Storage solutions often include drawers and cabinets with various organizational options to keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy, while also providing easy access to the items you need most.

There are many elements that can be added to enhance the usability and friendliness of the room.

Add a Bar Counter

Either a wall-mounted bar or an island or peninsula, bar-height seating encourages your family and friends to hang around as food and drinks continue to be prepared and served. This creates a very family-style atmosphere.

Kitchen Table with a View

Take advantage of the outdoor area to enjoy your dining and breakfast. The waterfront views provide a calm place for a relaxing start to an evening. The surroundings provided a source of inspiration for the room blue/white colors. A gas-strut pass-through window is a great idea to add the outdoor space to the overall experience doubling the entertainment space. The countertop can extend to both the inside and outside, creating a two-sided bar and serving area when the window is open. When closed it is a bar seating counter on the inside.

Add Comfortable Bar Stools

Comfortable stools with or without backs can be placed on all sides of the bar area to encourage long casual conversations throughout the gathering.

Combined Kitchen Dining Areas

Instead of one huge kitchen area, consider putting two separate and parallel dining rooms together. Small tables can be placed in a cozy breakfast nook without crowding. Although there are only four seats, the adjacent countertop can provide seating for several and allows for more table seats.

Great Rooms

Create one large living room area by combining the kitchen and dining room into one. The great room will become the center of activity where family members can gather for meals, games, or just relaxing. Make sure to purchase bar stools or chairs that are comfortable for long conversations or game playing. Place tables in an informal configuration so people can move around.

Well Designed Eat-in Kitchens Eliminate the Need For a Dining Room.

Whether the kithen is large or small, creative layout and engagement with the adjacent living spaces and outdoor areas can make the kitchen function like a room much larger than it really is. With the addition of an eating area, the kitchen can become the central hub for family activities. Choose furniture for the eat-in kitchen that is comfortable and easy to move when not needed. Consider a built-in bench or banquette seating that allows for extra storage as well as table seating. Look for options with extendable leaves or adjustable heights that can accommodate various activities such as board or card games, or laptop and tablet use. With creative seating solutions, the eat-in kitchen can easily be used to entertain many friends and family members.

What is the Active Wall of the Kitchen?

The cooking and prep area walls might be considered the active walls, but the door or pass-through to the outside might be considered the active wall where most of the mingling occurs. Sometimes it works out that the door and service window are also on the food preparation wall making it the certain choice for active wall where everything is focused.  The Active wall should be planned to be the center of activity as the kitchen counters, tables, doors, and pass-through windows are layed out.


When designing the kitchen in your home, consider how you want to use this space. Where will people gather? Will there be multiple cooking and prep areas? Utilize a kitchen’s active wall for the most important tasks and create an inviting atmosphere by adding furniture and seating around it. With careful planning, homes can have great-looking kitchens that are both functional and inviting.


How Does High Design Figure in Window Design?

Have you ever walked past a restaurant or home and noticed something eye-catching or unique about the windows? High design is often found in window designs and can play a significant role in setting your property apart from other establishments on the block. In this blog post, we’ll explore how higher-level design can be implemented into window design while maintaining function and style. We’ll discuss both new construction as well as renovation options to give readers of all backgrounds an understanding of their possibilities when it comes to creating an appealing space with thoughtfully designed windows.

Understanding the Elements of High Design in Windows

Windows are more than just a way to let light into a room. They are a key element in the overall design of a building or home. A window with high design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has functional benefits such as maximizing energy efficiency and natural light. Understanding the elements of high design in windows includes factors such as placement, shape, proportion, and materials. These elements work together to create a cohesive look that enhances the overall design of a space. A well-designed window can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary, making it a statement piece that adds value and beauty to any home or building.

The Power of Aesthetics When Choosing Window Designs

Good window design is not just about functionality, it’s also about aesthetics. Choosing the right window design can improve the overall appearance of your home or building, making it look more impressive and inviting. The power of aesthetics in window design cannot be underestimated. It can give a building a distinct personality, boost its curb appeal, and even contribute to its overall value. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, the right window design can make a big difference. So, when choosing your window designs, think about how they will enhance the look of your property from the inside out. Always remember that good aesthetics is not just about looks, but also about functionality and practicality.

How to Incorporate High Design Into Your Home’s Windows

Windows are an essential component of any home’s design, as they bring in natural light and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. However, not all windows are created equal, and some houses may have windows that lack visual interest or character. Luckily, there are several ways to incorporate high design into your home’s windows, and it doesn’t always have to break the bank. Whether you choose to add custom drapery or hardware, install decorative window film, or update your window frames with fresh paint, there are many options to consider. With a little creativity and inspiration, you can transform your windows into stunning focal points and elevate your home’s interior design to a whole new level.

Looking at Popular Window Frame Materials for Today’s Homes

Choosing the right window frame material for your home is an important decision. You want something that not only looks great, but also provides the functionality and durability you need. There are many popular window frame materials to choose from today, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, vinyl is a low-cost, low-maintenance option that is great for energy efficiency, but usually comes with large, clunky frames.  While aluminum is lightweight and easy to customize it needs to be thermally broken to provide energy efficiency.  Steel is also an option, but it is more expensive and the possibility of rusting comes into play.  Wood frames offer a classic look that is hard to beat if you are looking to fit into an older design aesthetic, but require more upkeep than some other materials. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. A modern alternative is the clever use 2Fold® Technology, a combination of metal with Accoya® to create thin frames that have the best in class insulation values.

Incorporating Different Types of Glass and Lighting into Your Windows

Windows are not just functional items that allow for natural light to enter a room, but they can also be striking design elements in their own right. Incorporating different types of glass and lighting sources can transform a plain window into a stunning centerpiece. Frosted or textured glass can provide privacy while still allowing in natural light, and stained glass can add a pop of color and unique design. When it comes to lighting, strategically placed fixtures, such as pendants or wall sconces, can enhance the beauty of the windows and surrounding space. With endless possibilities for customization, incorporating different types of glass and lighting can elevate your windows to a whole new level.

Utilizing the Latest Technology to Enhance Window Design

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, there are an increasing number of ways to enhance the design of windows, bringing new levels of functionality and style to buildings. From automated shades that are precisely engineered to match a particular sunlight pattern, to energy-efficient glass with advanced coatings that reduce heat and glare while retaining natural light, the latest advancements in window technology can transform a building’s look and feel. With so many options available, architects and designers have more creative freedom than ever before to design windows that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and energy-efficient.


Windows play a huge role in the overall interior design and aesthetic of any home, and utilizing high design elements can make all the difference between an ordinary home and an extraordinary one. Whether you prefer modern frames with updated glass technologies or traditional designs with classic styling, it is paramount that you take into consideration window frame materials, various types of glass, frame styles, lighting techniques, technological advancements and more when determining what windows to choose for your home. OpenUp is here to help you make your decision to get the most from your windows. With our wide selection of the latest high design trends all available at competitive prices, we’re positive we can give you the perfect windows for your home.

Contact us today to learn more about the OpenUp difference. We look forward to working with you on transforming your house into a place of beauty and joy through amazing window designs!


What is so Great about Indoor/Outdoor Living

open gas strut kitchen pass-through window exterior

Indoor-outdoor living is all about bringing the outside in and maximizing your living space. A great way to do this is by installing a pass-through window that connects your indoor and outdoor areas. Pass-through windows can be found in many homes, restaurants, and commercial spaces and are a popular way to enhance the functionality and flow of your living space.

Here are some of the ways that a pass-through window can help you achieve the perfect indoor-outdoor living:

  1. Increased Natural Light One of the biggest benefits of a pass-through window is that it allows more natural light into your living space. By opening up the wall between your indoor and outdoor areas, you can increase the amount of sunlight that enters your home. This will make your living space feel brighter, more open, and more connected to the outdoors.
  2. Improved Airflow Another benefit of a pass-through window is that it can improve the airflow in your living space. By opening up the window, you can create a cross-breeze that helps to cool down your home on hot summer days. This is especially useful if you live in a hot and humid climate, where you need to keep your home cool and comfortable all year round.
  3. Increased Entertaining Space A pass-through window is also a great way to increase your entertaining space. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or a dinner party, a pass-through window can make it easier to serve food and drinks to your guests. It also makes it easier for your guests to move between your indoor and outdoor areas, so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  4. Versatility Pass-through windows come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose one that matches your home’s architecture and decor. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, there’s a pass-through window that will fit your style. Plus, you can choose a window that’s big enough to accommodate large platters of food or drinks, or one that’s smaller and more intimate.
  5. Increased Property Value Installing a pass-through window can also increase the value of your property. Homebuyers love outdoor living spaces, and a pass-through window is a great way to enhance the appeal of your home. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.

In conclusion, a kitchen window pass-through is a great way to bring the outside in and enhance your indoor-outdoor living, and OpenUp® is the best option. Whether you’re looking to increase natural light, improve airflow, increase entertaining space, or increase your property value, a pass-through window is a versatile and stylish addition to any home or commercial space. So, if you want to upgrade your living space, check out our website at, and start enjoying the benefits of indoor-outdoor living today!


Florida or California? Both Love Indoor Outdoor Living

Florida or California? Both Love Indoor Outdoor Living

OpenUp® Kitchen Pass-Through Window
February 13, 2022

As far apart as two states can be, both geographically and politicly, Floridian’s and Californian’s both love opening their homes to the great outdoors. While we sell our bespoke windows nationwide, California and Florida are among our most shipped too zip codes.
Inviting the fresh air and comfort of the outdoors into your indoor kitchen, brings families together for meals, work and play.  Even when the window is closed, which is more time than you think, OpenUp increases your view by 33% as compared to all of our competitors.

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open gas strut kitchen pass-through window with man and woman standing in front of window exterior

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The OpenUp Kitchen Pass-Through Awning Window System has the following features.

  • Extruded Aluminum and Accoya Wood Thermal Construction Built to Last a Lifetime
  • Elegantly Designed with Minimal Sightlines and High Insulation Values
  • 12 Standard Sizes for Fast Delivery
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • One-inch insulated Low-e glass
  • Factory Glazed and Pre-Hung for Easy Installation
  • Easy Open, Easy Close Gas Strut System
  • Environmentally Friendly Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Available with Factory Prime and Paint or Un-Painted for added savings
  • 10+40 Year Warranty Covers Everything Except the Glass for 10 Years +40 Years additional warranty on the wood by Accoya
  • Made in the USA
  • 4 to 6 week delivery

With more people working, learning and recreating in their homes, your customers will be asking for the OpenUp Kitchen or Bar Pass-Through window soon if not already.

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