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Decorating A Pass-Through Window? Here Are 5 Tips For Success

Ever glanced at that pass-through window in your home and thought, “There’s so much potential here!”? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

This unassuming architectural feature, sometimes overlooked, holds a treasure trove of design and functional possibilities. 

Decorating a pass-through window? Here are 5 tips for success, making your window not just a pane, but a marvel to behold!

#1 The Outdoor View: Your Personal Vista

Whether you’re gazing at the twinkling lights of a cityscape or the tranquil ripples on a lake, your window offers a live painting that’s ever-changing. 

And guess what? 

This backdrop is yours, entirely free of charge.

Frame the Natural Beauty

Consider your window as an artist’s easel and the scene outside as a masterpiece. The right curtains or blinds won’t just serve the primary purpose of giving you privacy or shielding you from sunlight; they can be the border of this painting. 


Now, you wouldn’t put a masterpiece in any frame, would you? 

Choose shades or curtains that enhance the view. Light fabrics like sheer or linen let in diffused light, adding a dreamy quality to, say, a garden view. Darker blinds can highlight a cityscape, making the lights pop.

Play with Perspectives

Adapting your interior to reflect the exterior view adds layers to the design. For urban settings, think of chrome finishes, geometric patterns, and sleek furniture. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a beach view, bring in the tropical vibes. Think sandy hues, seashell decors, and maybe a hammock chair? Forest views scream for warm woods, earthy colors, and plush fabrics. Remember, consistency is a designer’s secret weapon!

#2 The functionality: More Than Just A Window

Is it a window? A bar? Why not both? The functionality of your pass-through window can be as dynamic as you make it.

Bar-top Extravaganza

One minute it’s where you’re passing the salt, the next, it’s where you’re mixing margaritas! Installing a slide-out or fold-down counter can instantly change the functionality. Imagine hosting a summer party and having this breezy spot be the hub for all cocktails. Stock it up with some bar essentials, throw in some stylish bar stools, and you’re good to go!

Shelving Wonders

Vertical spaces are often underutilized. Add some floating shelves or even small cabinets. This space can be a show-off spot for your collectibles, or maybe a little herb garden for those who like their meals with a pinch of fresh rosemary or basil.

#3 The lighting: Set the Mood

The magic of lighting is unparalleled. It can take a space from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in a flick!

Ever noticed how different lighting can change the vibe of a room? Well, your pass-through window area isn’t any different.


Natural Light’s BFF

Sunlight has a charm that no artificial light can replicate. It’s refreshing, warm, and yes, a boon for those Instagram photos. Depending on the direction your window faces, you might get soft morning light or golden sunset hues. Work with it, not against it. Reflective surfaces or mirrors can amplify this natural light.

Evening Glow

When night falls, the party isn’t over. Fairy lights draped elegantly can give a whimsical touch. Or, a chic pendant light can be a statement piece. For those romantic nights, why not some candle sconces?

4.The Window Sill: It’s All in the Details

Don’t let your window sill feel left out! When that window is open, the sill becomes an essential part of the experience. Surprisingly, That little ledge can be the unsung hero of your window ensemble.

Decor Galore

Plants are a no-brainer. Succulents, for those without green thumbs, or even aromatic herbs, are perfect. But, why stop there? A beautifully crafted bowl, a vintage typewriter, or even some artsy sculptures could call this spot home.

Functional and Fabulous

Perhaps you’re using your window for serving brunch or evening snacks. A rubber mat can prevent slips, and a chic serving tray can make transportation a breeze. Who said practical couldn’t be stylish?

5. The Indoor Experience: Making the Inside Shine

Last but certainly not least, the indoor experience! This is where all the elements come together.

Harmony is Key

The area around your pass-through window shouldn’t feel disjointed from the rest of your space. It should be an extension. Vintage, modern, bohemian, or minimalist – whatever your vibe, keep it flowing. Consistency will tie everything together, making it feel curated rather than chaotic.

Comfort Corner

This might be where you spend a lazy Sunday afternoon reading a book or perhaps gazing outside on a rainy day. Ensure this spot beckons you. A plush armchair, some soft cushions, or even a furry rug can make all the difference.

With these tips in hand, your pass-through window won’t just be a functional architectural element; it’ll be a highlight of your home! 

The Benefits of Decorating Your Pass-Through Window

When you decide to decorate your pass-through window, you’re not just enhancing an architectural feature; you’re unlocking a range of benefits that transform your living space in more ways than one. Let’s delve into the numerous advantages of sprucing up these unique windows:

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

The obvious first! A well-decorated window becomes an instant focal point in any room. Whether you lean towards minimalistic designs or opulent setups, the right decor can turn your window into a visually appealing masterpiece, drawing compliments from every visitor.

2. Functional Finesse

Beyond aesthetics, a thoughtfully designed pass-through window can serve myriad purposes. From doubling as a bar counter during those dinner parties to acting as a serene reading nook for those quiet evenings, its functionality amplifies manifold with the right decor.

3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

A decorated pass-through window acts as a bridge between your interiors and the world outside. Especially for homes with captivating external views, this window can frame the outside like a live canvas, creating an ever-evolving mural for you.

4. Boosted Property Value

Believe it or not, a well-decorated window can up your property’s value. Future potential buyers often look for unique features that stand out and make the property memorable. A beautifully decorated pass-through window does exactly that!

5. Psychological Perks

An oft-overlooked benefit, but a critical one nonetheless. A space that reflects beauty, functionality, and personal aesthetics can uplift your mood. Sunlit areas, in particular, are known to combat blues and promote feelings of well-being.

6. Optimized Space Utilization

Many homes often have spaces that remain underutilized. A pass-through window, when decorated aptly, can reclaim that space. Be it as an additional storage area with chic shelving or as a cozy corner with plush seating; you can make every inch count.

7. Energy Efficiency

Yes, the way you decorate can influence this! Using light-reflecting decor or strategically placing mirrors can amplify natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Moreover, certain window treatments can aid in maintaining indoor temperature, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Embracing these benefits not only enriches your daily living experience but also transforms your home into a more functional, beautiful, and harmonious space. The ripple effects of such a simple makeover can surprise you, transcending beyond just visual appeal.

Time to get decorating!

So, ready to start decorating that pass-through window? 

These 5 tips for success will transform this overlooked space into your home’s star attraction. 

Roll up those sleeves and let the decorating games begin!

P.S: If these benefits have you nodding in agreement and you’re thinking of an upgrade, then you’re in the right place. 

If you are interested in getting a quote on a new pass-through window, reach out to the OpenUp Windows team today! Our expertise can guide you to a window solution that brings all these benefits and more into your home. Or, if you wnat to revamp your space with a new pass through window, head to our store.


Q: Can I decorate a pass-through window if it’s small?

Absolutely! It’s not about the size but how you use it. Even a small window can be a focal point with the right décor.

Q: Do I need to hire a professional for this?

While getting a pro is never a bad idea, these tips should give you a head start. Trust yourself; you might surprise yourself with how much of an interior designer you’ve got hiding inside!

Q: What if I don’t have an exciting view?

Not all of us can have a lakeside or poolside view, and that’s okay! Focus more on the indoor experience and functionality. Plus, there’s always wall art or decals to create a view you love. 

Q: Can I change up the decor according to seasons?

Absolutely! Just as you might switch up cushions or table settings based on the season, your pass-through window can get a seasonal facelift too. Think warm and cozy vibes in the winter with plush fabrics, and breezy, light decor in the summer. Celebrate autumn with fall foliage and spring with fresh blooms.

Q: How do I incorporate tech into my pass-through window area?

Modern homes often blend tech seamlessly into decor. Consider installing smart lighting that you can control with your phone or voice. How about a sleek, wall-mounted tablet for recipes, music, or controlling other smart home features? Just ensure any tech you choose is suitable for the space, especially if it might be exposed to the elements.

Q: How do I ensure the decorations are weatherproof?

Great question! For windows that open to the outdoors, you’ll want to invest in weather-resistant materials, especially for any fabrics or furnishings. Look for water-resistant, UV-protected, and easy-to-clean materials. If in doubt, indoor plants, ceramics, and glass are usually safe bets!