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Our Features Set Us Apart

Founder Ed Page’s expert engineering and signature technology has made it possible for OpenUp® to truly stand apart from its competitors. Not only do we swear by Ed’s signature 2Fold Technology, making your window more visually pleasing and structurally sound, we offer a variety of glass options and the benefit of retractable screens—ensuring your window is built to last, to your exact specifications.

open gas strut kitchen pass-through window exterior under construction

2Fold Technology

OpenUp® founder Ed Page has invented a revolutionary new way to construct pass-through windows that combines the benefits of both wood and aluminum. It’s the best of both worlds, and we call it 2Fold Technology. 2Fold Technology ensures your window is built to last—making it the perfect combination of strength, thermal insulation, and natural beauty.

The Best of Both Worlds

To ensure the structure of your window is sound and strong, we opt for heavy extruded tubular aluminum, which delivers superior strength and durability over standard aluminum without sacrificing durability or longevity.

For the sash interior and frame, however, we use Accoya® wood. Not only does Accoya® provide a natural beauty and rich finish, but it is also better able to withstand the elements and resist damaging pests—including termites. Sustainably sourced and fully recyclable, our Accoya® materials are harvested following a 12-year growth cycle and are then treated to an all-natural pickling process using an organic vinegar solution. Because of this, our windows are more durable, more cost-effective, and longer-lasting—guaranteed.

Retractable Screens: Uninterrupted Views, Plus Protection

OpenUp® pass-through kitchen windows are designed to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces—but there will be times that you will want to keep the benefits of an open window without bugs or other critters passing through and making themselves at home.

Gas strut windows are designed to be an active opening, where food and beverages can easily be passed back and forth. Because of this, fixed-in-place window screens aren’t an option. OpenUp® provides the ideal solution with our integrated retractable screens.

OpenUp Windows technical drawing for screen

OpenUp®’s exclusive Pleated Screens pull down and stay in any position until you decide to move them

Our screens offer the following benefits:

  • An uninterrupted view with the option to protect from insects
  • In-house manufacturing on the OpenUp® Pleated Screen, which means fast delivery and guaranteed integration with any OpenUp® window
  • When ordered at same time as windows, our screens come factory mounted prior to shipping
  • Screens ordered after window installation include custom sizing to the precise finished opening

Glass Options: Our Standard Glass Package works for 90% of the Country

Ed spent a lot of time selecting a glass package that would meet the needs of almost all customers, but he didn’t forget those with extreme weather conditions or building codes. If your window will be exposed to direct sunlight, water, or extreme heat or cold weather, then click here for more options.

Drawing of open gas strut kitchen pass-through window

10 + 40 Year Warranty

When you invest in an OpenUp® pass-through window, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens—you’re covered.

For the first 10 years, OpenUp® protects every piece of your window apart from the glass. For the next 40 years after that, Accoya® ensures that your wood is safe from weather and pest damage—guaranteed.

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