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At OpenUp® Windows, we pride ourselves on being the most meticulous designers in the game. With years of experience under our belts, we work quickly and efficiently—without ever sacrificing quality.

Pass-Through Windows Curated by Experts

When inventor and entrepreneur Ed Page founded OpenUp® Windows, his mission was to create the most durable, well-crafted pass-through awning window. Using his 40+ years of experience in window and door design, Ed was able to curate the most efficient, sustainable, and affordable window using his signature 2Fold Technology. This design technique is an astounding combination of both Accoya wood and aluminum, ensuring your window is built to last.

OpenUp® Stands Out From the Rest

When you trust Ed Page and OpenUp® with the design of your pass-through window, you can rest assured that every detail will be accounted for. Our passion for quality design shines through in our work—our windows are intended to beautify, redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.

open gas strut kitchen pass-through window exterior under construction

We Are Our Own Manufacturers

At OpenUp®, we personally touch every order that comes our way. Each pass-through window we craft is precision engineered by computer and built with passion and pride by a member of the team—with the exacting standards of our founder, Ed Page.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

The OpenUp® team has over 4 decades of experience in window design, manufacturing, and installation—serving some of the most innovative companies throughout the United States and Europe..

Our Standards are High

We only build windows that are made to last. That’s why we use the highest quality durable materials, built with care to prevent rusting and rotting, and ensure that your window looks incredible whether it is open or closed.

We’re People You Can Trust

Our manufacturing is what makes us affordable. You aren’t saving money because of our choice of materials—you’re saving money because we are the most expert team in our field. From order to installation, everything happens quickly and precisely.

10 + 40 Year Warranty

When you invest in an OpenUp® pass-through window, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens—you’re covered.

For the first 10 years, OpenUp® protects every piece of your window apart from the glass. For the next 40 years after that, Accoya® ensures that your wood is safe from weather and pest damage—guaranteed.

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