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5 Pass Through Window Ideas To Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Looking for modern kitchen renovation ideas? Forget for a second the usual suspects like cabinetry, hardware, appliances, or (yawn) boring backsplashes. While they’re tried-and-true areas to remodel, there are more creative ways to bring your kitchen to life. 

In fact, what if we told you the best place to start could be your windows? That’s right! 

Whether you’re thinking about…

  • Opening up your space,
  • Adding more entertainment options, or
  • Simply looking for something new, bold, and unique…

Pass-through windows, like the ones built by OpenUp Windows, could be your secret weapon to creating a kitchen the whole neighborhood is jealous of. 

No matter the end goal, this blog will provide five pass-through window ideas with examples from real people. We hope they inspire you to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor living with windows that truly “open up” your space. 

#1 The Classic “Inside-Out” Servery Experience

Take, for example, this luxury vacation home in the Bahamas. You can see that this family has connected their already-open kitchen concept to their outdoor patio using a gas strut, pass through window. The addition brings another dimension to an already-stunning entertainment space.

Here’s why we like it:

Entertainment value. As we mentioned, this kitchen already has the makings of great space for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company. You have foosball, a pool table, and enough room to host a large party. With the addition of their open up window, this family can now bring everyone to the party, whether they are inside playing pool or outside on the patio grilling, eating, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

#2 Breathtaking Coastal Views

Let’s take a look at an example that prioritizes form over functionality. Here we have another luxury home, but this time it’s oceanside on the coast of New York. 

Rather than bridging the gap between the indoors and outside for more bar seating or serving space, this homeowner clearly wanted to maximize his awe-inspiring views of the coast. We think it was a great move. 

Here’s why we like it:

There’s value in the view. When you have something this beautiful to look at, and aesthetics are your primary goal, a kitchen pass-through window can bring your vision to life. What this pass-through window idea lacks in functionality, it makes up for several times over in terms of uniqueness and increased property value. 

#3 The Cabin In the Woods

Imagine waking up on a brisk morning to the sound of birds chirping and nature calling. This could be your log cabin with a pass-through window installed in its kitchen. 

Situated on private acreage in a remote part of the woods, this cabin has the perfect outdoor deck space for a pass through window experience. Think about the meals, campfires, and laughs that can be shared whether your indoors or outside. 

Here’s why we like it:

Answering the call of the wild. It takes a serious nature-lover to want a home out in the forest with few of society’s pleasantries surrounding you. We appreciate this customer’s dedication to the outdoors by opening up their kitchen with a pass through window. 

#4 Desert Landscape

Coastal views and nature scenes seem to get all of the love these days… but what about the beauty of the desert? Take this New Mexico ranch-style home for example. While it’s not surrounded by water or trees, the sandy, mountainous terrain in the distance is something to marvel at.

Here’s why we like it:

A new dimension to a simple desert home. Your home doesn’t have to come with all of the bells and whistles to create a great experience for yourself, family, and guests. While this home is seemingly simple in nature, the addition of the pass-through window adds a new and inviting feature that brings new personality to the house.

#5 Poolside Pass Through Window

This may be our favorite use of the OpenUp gas strut pass through window. Our customer in Florida wanted to maximize his entertainment space by opening up his kitchen to his pool… and we think it came out great.

Having a pool near your kitchen can make the perfect location for your new pass through window. With the addition of a bar that opens up to the outside, you can serve guests who may be wet from the pool, or simply get a better vantage point of your kids while they swim for safety.

Here’s why we like it:

The perfect place for a pass through window. There are few things that make an outdoor experience as grand as an in-ground pool. With this location in particular, you have enough space around the pool to entertain quite a large party. Now that there’s a pass through window in the mix, the opportunities are quite endless. 

In Conclusion: Kitchen Renovations Can Start With Your Windows

From the five pass through window examples shared in this blog, we hope you’ve been able to see how pass through windows are versatile and unique option for upgrading or modernizing your space during a kitchen remodel. 

If you or someone you know could be interested in their very own pass through window project, make sure to reach out to the OpenUp Windows team to get the best-quality product and top-rated customer support.