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From Surfs-Out to Drive

Pre-installation OpenUp gas strut bar passthrough windows interior
open gas strut bar pass-through window with man and woman interior

In April, 2021, the owners, Brad Wilson and Frank Bragaglia, closed on what had been a Kismet, Fire Island institution for over a decade; Surfs Out restaurant. Together with Marcie Gorsline Design and her talented GC Sam Wood, they had every intention of renovating, rebranding and reopening in 60 days.

To make a long incredible story short, the restuarant re-opened as Dive on Memorial day, less than 60 days later, completely transformed into a modern upscale eatery with a retro modern look that is fast becoming Marcie Gorsline’s signature design (see photo).

By working with Marcie and the owners early in the construction process, they were able to make their rough openings fit our standard windows sizes. This allowed us to produce and deliver 4 huge operable windows within a short 4 week time frame.